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πŸ’‘Godly Wisdom for Worldly Influence.🌎 A 7-Day Devotional


β€œGodly Wisdom for Worldly Influence" 🌎 is a 7-day christian ✝️ devotional written specifically for those who are called to impact one of the seven earthly kingdoms of influence. πŸ‘‘

βœ… Unlock the keys πŸ”‘ to clarity and biblical wisdom as you pursue the call of God on your life with this 7-day devotional.

βœ… Whether you are called to media, government, political office, or any other sphere of influence, "Wisdom for Worldly Influence" empowers you to fulfill your God-given calling.

βœ… Not everyone is called to full-time traditional ministry, just because they feel β€œa call”. This devotional gives you the permission and encouragement to pursue your unique path of influence.

βœ… Delve into the stories of great men and women from the Bible who were used by God in many ungodly kingdoms for His purpose.

πŸ‘‰End each day with a powerful prayer that aligns your life with God's purpose and direction.

πŸ“–Great for small group study.

🎁 A great gift for someone who is called to worldly influence!

πŸ”” Begin your 7-day journey today!

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A 7-Day Christian Devotional

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πŸ’‘Godly Wisdom for Worldly Influence.🌎 A 7-Day Devotional

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